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Migrante Canada was  established as a chapter of Migrante International in October 2010. Seventeen mass organizations from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes were the initial member of the Canadian alliance. Since then several organizations has joined in.


Migrante Canada is a chapter of Migrante International. A global alliance of over 100 oganization in more than 22 countries. Migrante International is an active defender of the rights and welfare of overseas Filipino migrants for 17 years by raising public awareness on their plight and providing a critical analysis of the Philippine government’s labor export policy program as the main factor responsible for the commodification of Filipino workers.


In Canada, we also address the immediate issues facing our kababayan (compatriots). Providing assistance, campaigning and advocating for their rights and well-being. But most importantly we recognize the root causes of our migration. The socio-economic condition of the Philippines pushes over 4000 Filipinos daily to over 192 countries world wide. we believe that only through understanding these root causes can we address the issues affecting our kababayans (compatriots). And only through fighting for a homeland with a just and humane society can we stop forced migration and live in that society where we do not have to leave in order to survive.


We Work To


  • Promote migrants’ rights and dignity against all forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse in the work place and in the community and resist all anti-migrant policies

  • Assert the right to organize

  • Strengthen unity among migrant and immigrant Filipinos and rally their families and advocates towards the upholding of migrants’ rights for jobs, fair wages and recognition

  • Along with the national democratic organizations in the Philippines, we participate in pushing for the building of a self-reliant economy to stop forced migration, promote social equity and justice and unite with other sectors of society for the advancement of national development and democracy with compatriots in the Philippines

  • Build solidarity with migrant organizations of other nationalities and peoples who are against the plunder of economies, destruction of the environment and wars of aggression that cause widespread poverty and injustice




Through our different mass organization in different cities and provinces our programs are:


  • Rights and Welfare


We receive complaints, issues of migrant and immigrant Filipinos in Canada. From time to time these compatriots are in distress and needed immediate assistance. With the help of our member organizations in different provinces, we strive to push for immediate action and refer them to appropriate aegencies and settlement service providers, legal services and government agencies.


  • Campaign and Advocacy


We bring public attention to the plight of Filipino migrants in Canada and the Philippines through different venues with the aim to get a broad public support and pro-migrant public awareness


  • Education and Research


We conduct research, case studies and documentation of cases. We work with unions and the academia in some of these researches. We also have a training module called “Paaralang Migrante” (Migrants School) that consist of Know Your Rights Training, History of Filipino Migration, Step by Step Organizing, Brief History of Philippine Society and Revolution among other things.


  • Network and Lobbying


We continue to build relationships and a broad network of advocates to promote a strong support for all migrant workers. Our allies include the church sector, unions, parliamentarians and grassroots migrant organization. We also conduct dialogue and seek audience with concerned government agencies (both Canada and the Philippines) to discuss migrant policies and legislation.


  • International Solidarity


We uphold and work for a harmonious working cooperation between and among migrant associations around the world. Migrante Canada is an active member of the International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA), International League of People's Struggles (ILPS)

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Migrante Canada Leadership

Executive Committee


Chairperson: Maria Sol Prieto-Pajadura (Toronto)

Vice Chairperson: Aimee Beboso (Ottawa)

Secretary General: Joe Calugay (Ottawa)

Solidarity Officer: Marco Luciano (Edmonton)

Finance Officer: Jane Ordinario (Vancouver)


Council Members


Christopher Sorio (British Columbia)

Novie Mae Sambat (Alberta)

Lizza Fontillas (Manitoba)

Lenny Simbre (Ontario West)

Mary Jane de Guzman (Ontario East)

Tony DeJesus (Quebec)


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